• Rami Dalal

A Farewell to Twitter

Updated: Jul 29

Some of our CMO Within Reach followers and customers recently noticed that we are no longer on Twitter. This was a conscious decision on our part.

There were several factors that went into this decision:

Not good for business.

When we created our Twitter account several years ago, we weren’t sure it was a good platform for our line of business. Our experiment proved that there was no inherent business value from our presence on Twitter. We did not secure any new clients, business intelligence, or benefit from our followers’ posts. CMO Within Reach advises our clients to wisely choose only the social media platforms that align with their business needs and personality, and we took that counsel to heart.

A negative space.

Second, we no longer feel that Twitter (or Facebook) are a positive environment for our business. Many users continue to hide behind the anonymity of being online and engage in less-than-polite activities. Online bullying by politicians and celebrities have made this an ugly, noisy place. Apparently, the terms of service of Twitter and the like don’t apply to celebrity politicians. These conversations distract from meaningful interactions. An uncivilized “social” space is not where we feel we need to engage our clients and prospects.

Biased, false credibility.

We were hopeful that Twitter would provide a channel for diverse thought and information. Rather, it quickly became a source for regurgitated news. The same people would retweet “news”, which didn’t add any diversity of thought. With the advent of news aggregators like Apple News, we don’t need to rely on our followers or people we follow for news. Meanwhile, sources that didn’t previously have a soap box, suddenly feel empowered to spew their perspective with undue implied credibility.

Data privacy and resale.

Enough said.

We realize that your experience may be quite different depending on your personal or business objectives, needs, and likes.

We however, are choosing to engage our audience in a more focused, controlled, space like our website, LinkedIn, etc.

See you online!